Not much of an adventure, but going to Puerto Rico for four days starting tomorrow. Closest thing I have to an adventure since my travels in Europe. :)

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It has been well over a month since I’ve come back from London, and while at first it was great to see my friends and family again, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t wished I could just go back, for one more week, one more day, just to see and experience it all again. I’m back at Lafayette now, and well, while I’m glad I went through that experience, I’m also glad that it ended. It’s so good to be back, so good to be home. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world, I want to go back again, but that’ll be another chapter in my life that I’ll face later.

And that about wraps up my adventures in London and Europe. I won’t be closing this tumblr or stop posting in it, the name’s way too good for that, and I do happen to live really close to my person favorite city in the world, New York. I’m sure I’ll find pictures, experience adventures that will be worth retelling, and while I wander around in my small bubble of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or maybe one day, somewhere on a different continent again, I’ll experience a new adventure, big or small, that’ll be a part of my life just as much as my study abroad experience was.

I won’t be offended if anyone unfollows me as I won’t be blogging about cool stuff from Europe anymore. Thanks for following me through the ride. :)

Studying abroad has made me sick of travelling. I love going to new places, but the actual…travelling part. I hate airports, for now anyway. Had to wake up super early, get ready, get on the bus, get to the airport, struggle with heavy things. Had a panic attack a little when I realized they were actually measuring the carry on size (and mine is clearly too big) but we snuck by the security and it ended up being okay. After a really, really long flight of movies and sleep, landed in the USA.

Really glad to see my parents! None of my friends are home yet, but I can’t wait to see them all and give out  my gifts and bore them all with stories.

The day was seriously one of the longest ever, but now that I’m back, I seriously feel like London was just a dream or something. Looking back at pictures from the beginning, did I really just live through those last three months?

London, I will come back one day. I’ve fallen too hard for you.